Toddlers Day Care

The Program is dedicated to fostering the holistic development of every child, offering a diverse array of activities. Each month, children will participate in various activities that encompass different areas of holistic growth. Throughout the year, they will have the chance to engage in varied activities, creating a comprehensive and enriching experience.

Target Age Group 18 months to 5 year old

curriculum & learning outcomes

Our extracurriculars extend beyond just learning a skill, these are the learning outcomes

Creative Skills

Ability to understand & manipulate visual information. Activities like – Origami, Sensory Painting, Mosaic Art, Fabric Art

Language Skills

Ability to use and understand language. Activities like – Role Plays, Imaginative Plays, Character Sketches, Comedy Acts

Logical Skills

Ability to to reason and solve problems. Activities like – Brain Boosters, Lego Building, Percussion, Rhymes

Cultural Skills

Ability to interact & work effectively with others. Activities like – World Food, World Festivals, Traditional Attires, World Flowers