Hip hop Dance

Dancers don’t need wings to fly. We focus on children’s movements, postures and ensure a well-rounded and enjoyable dance experience for every child. Kids are trained with certified dancers to be able to perform at big events and excel in dance skills.

curriculum & learning outcomes

Our extracurriculars extend beyond just learning a skill, these are the learning outcomes

Snoop Dogg

Discover the iconic moves of Snoop Dogg, embracing the essence of American Hip Hop and its groovy rhythms.

Sean Kingston

Dance to the catchy beats of Sean Kingston, exploring energetic choreography inspired by his upbeat tunes.

Bruno Mars

Groove to the smooth sounds of Bruno Mars, learning fun and engaging dance moves that embody his infectious style.


Immerse yourself in the world of K-pop, mastering dynamic and electrifying South Korean street dance moves inspired by BTS.


Embrace the power of K-pop and South Korean street dance fusion, performing energetic and captivating routines inspired by Seventeen.


Channel the intensity of NCT, delving into the intricate and mesmerizing dance moves that define South Korean street dance.

Brodha V Lakshman

Experience the unique blend of Indian breakdance and rap, showcasing dynamic moves inspired by Brodha V’s infectious beats.


Celebrate the lively spirit of Bhangra, incorporating Indian breakdance elements while dancing to Sukhbir’s energetic tracks.


Unleash your inner dancer, moving to the compelling beats of Divine, and exploring the fusion of Indian breakdance and hip-hop.