art & design

Art is long and Life is short. Our Art & Design classes are thoughtfully crafted to empower children in exploring their creativity and delving into the realm of design, utilizing mediums such as paints, crayons, paper, and cardboard. We take pride in organizing captivating art showcases, where we not only display children’s artwork but also celebrate their unique creativity and individuality.

curriculum & learning outcomes

Our extracurriculars extend beyond just learning a skill, these are the learning outcomes

Colour Experiments, Kaleidoscopic Painting

Based on a quarterly theme of Aliens & Space, students will make various artworks that will help them understand the basics of colour theory. They will use primary colours to make secondary colours, and understand the basic tenets of colour mixing.

Scratch art with neon colours, My Alien Friend drawing

Based on a quarterly theme of Aliens & Space, students will make two artworks:

  1. Geometric art using neon colours, which helps them apply the basics of drawing, sketching, and colouring;
  2. A glow-in-the-dark portrait of a hypothetical alien friend that helps apply concepts of drawing simple & geometric shapes

Galaxy painting, Project – Area 51

Create mesmerizing galaxy paintings, developing color blending and brushwork skills inspired by the enigmatic Area 51.

Sunken ship drawing, Abstract pattern painting

Sketch sunken ships and express artistic flair through abstract patterns, honing creativity and drawing techniques.

Underwater city, Cartoon model making

Design underwater cities and cartoon models, fostering spatial awareness, creativity, and storytelling skills.

Coral – reef painting, Aqua world Lippan mural

Paint vibrant coral reefs and craft Lippan murals, enhancing color theory knowledge and fine motor skills.

Famous art painting – Diorama, Comic strip Illustration – R K Lakshman

Recreate iconic art and illustrate witty comic strips, improving storytelling and visual communication abilities.

Water lilly painting, Great Wave – Hokusai

Capture the serenity of water lilies and Hokusai’s Great Wave, developing composition skills and artistic expression.

Flip book animation – Walter Elias Disney, Abstract art – Pablo Picasso

Create captivating flip book animations and explore abstract art, developing animation techniques and artistic versatility.